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Sam and Jeff's BBQ FAQs.

Q: Is there a difference between barbecue and grilling?

A: Yes there is a difference. Simply put, barbecue is an event whereby big tough cuts of meat are slowly and lovingly cooked in the fragrant smoke of very slow hardwood fires. The finished product is then served with savory sauces passed down through the ages. Grilling is what the rest of us do in our back yards with lighter fluid and hotdogs.

Q: How do you tell when it is time to flip the food over?

A: That depends on what you are cooking and the temperature of the fire. The quick and easy answer is when the food starts to brown and after it separates from the grate it is time to flip.

Q:How can I tell the temperature of fire in my grill?

A: This can be done by placing your open hand close to the cooking surface the grate the approximate temperature can be determined by time in seconds that you can maintain an open hand in place over the grill.

Q: When do I put on the sauce?

A: About one minute before you take it off the grill.

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